Jack Pads for Tesla 3

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I have read that unless you have a jack with its own pads,  you might want to use jack pads when you jack up your Tesla, so you don’t mistakenly push your jack up into the battery. That made sense to me, so I looked at lots of brands. Most were fairly thick and I thought if the car has a flat tyre, it’s going to drop the body closer to the road, so it may be hard to fit both the jack and thick jack pad under the car.

So I ordered the thinner pads from reverselogiclimited on ebay. https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/reverselogiclimited I ordered them from the USA and they arrived by post 18 days later which I thought was pretty quick to come all the way from the USA. I ordered the set of 4, just in case a garage wants to put the car up on a hoist and doesn’t have the right pads. The ones I ordered were called “Set of 4 Low Profile Tesla Model 3 chassis specific jack pads w/StorageCase”. They have a pop up magnet in the middle, which holds them in the jack hole, so they don’t fall out, and a large black rubber or silicon washer, which is soft against the underbody and the puck itself is a hard synthetic material.

I haven’t had to use them yet, so I hope they work as intended if I do need to use them.