Day One of Driving an Electric Vehicle

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Charging Successfully

Picked up my Tesla today, very easy, and then ventured out on Sydney’s streets. A lot of stop start traffic, getting from Tesla’s Alexandria delivery centre to the north and took it easy.
The one pedal driving takes a while to get used to. You press the accelerator pedal to go, but if you ease your foot off, it slows and comes to a stop, using regenerative braking. I also by habit kept trying to turn the indicators on the right stalk, where my old car had them, so still getting used to them on left stalk. There is the feel of a different car, getting used to lines of sight and dimensions etc, but the drive home was all good.

Stopped off at the Macquarie Supercharger to top up. Took 30 mins to go from 57% to 90%.

Was a bit worried at first as when I plugged it in to the supercharger the blue light stayed on – it didn’t start charging – I removed it and had a look at the plug and noticed it had a bit cracked off, which must of been why. I moved to the next charger and it went green and worked just like in the videos.