Day Two of Driving an Electric Vehicle

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Next morning 85%, 1% loss overnight while parked which was interesting to know.
Went to shops then started putting personal things into the car. Charging leads in the frunk, then in the trunk there’s a little pocket on left, where I put a small bag of tools, not for car, just for odd jobs when I’m out. I put my towel, fire extinguisher (for other people’s combustion cars/trucks while on trips) first aid kit in the well in the trunk, then slid the trunk mat that I had bought into the trunk.
Then I fitted the sun shades I bought, ready for those 48 degree summer days. I bought the genuine ones from the Tesla shop and they fitted really easily. However, one thing to note, is that when I sat in the back seat to fit the back shade, the mesh ends up about an inch lower than the glass roof. So without the shade my head clears the roof, but with it the mesh sits on my hair. So, if you are carrying a rear passenger of my height, (6’2”) you might like to unclip the shade for that trip.