Chargefox Charging for Electric Vehicles

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RACV Chargefox 2 ultra rapid and 2 fast chargers Barnawartha North

Update 28-2-2023 – Tried the new Chargefox EV Charger at Orbost, great to have this new ev charging at Orbost.

Update 1-12-2022 – A new Chargefox EV charger has opened at Berowra, between Sydney and Gosford, great to now have fast charging on this main route north!

Update 8-4-2022 – Chargefox EV chargers are now widely available and have helped me travel to country regions of NSW and Victoria. I have used fast DC Chargefox EV chargers at Cooma, Barnawartha North, Shell Cove and have used Chargefox AC EV chargers at St Ives and Dural. I found them available and they worked well.

20-09-2021 went out for long bushwalking and tried the Chargefox charger at McDonalds Dural, just to see how Chargefox interface works – all good, very easy. You unlock a port with the app, plug in your own Type 2 Mennekes cable then plug the cable into your car and press start charging in the app. That site is low power just 6kW but interesting to use Chargefox app for first time.

Chargefox at McDonalds Dural