Scissor Jack

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Sealey Scissor Jack 1.5 tonne and Handle

After buying my spare wheel, I checked the lug size, which is 21 mm or 13/16, so I put a couple of sockets and a handle and ratchet handle from my home tool box in the well in the boot.

I also have a small suction cup also known as a dent puller, which is just the right size to pull the wheel covers off, so you can get to the wheel lugs. It came from

I then looked at lots of scissor jacks online, which was hard, not being able to look at them due to lockdown. In the end I went for a “Sealey Scissor Jack Heavy-Duty 1.5tonne” ordering it from White Rose Tools in the UK who are one of the distributors for UK company Sealey Tools as even after including DHL freight, it was less than buying it here in Australia. It only took 10 days from order to delivery. I placed it in the well in the middle of the boot too.