Suburban Trips in my EV

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06-10-2021 Recorded my suburban travel today, with aircon, travelled 89.5km around urban suburbs, used 12kWh which averages 7.46km per kWh.

3-10-2021: It’s day 18 and in those 18 days I’ve travelled 867km after collecting the car at Alexandria and returning to my LGA. Travel around my hilly suburban and rural LGA for exercise or shopping included large hills, descents and lots of stop start driving. Energy used was 128kWh which averages 6.8 kms per kWh .

For my 75kW battery that may be an actual full charge range of 75×6.8km = 510km range in suburban hilly driving, most of it with air conditioning on. I’m happy with that.

Tesla publish their WLTP global rating of 580km on a full charge, which includes country driving. So my suburban real range is 12% less than that WLTP figure.