Macquarie University EV chargers

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Update April 2023: The Uni has engaged Chargefox to manage these chargers now, so you need the Chargefox app or Chargefox RFID card.

Update Feb 2022: I found information on the chargers on the Uni website which says they’re free for the public to use while charging

9 Oct 2021
I tried the Macquarie University electric vehicle chargers today. There are 3 pillars and I tried the right pillar and both sockets but couldn’t get the charger to start charging. Moved to the middle pillar and as soon as I plugged it in it started initialising and started charging at 11-12kWh. There was a model 3 already parked and charging from the left pillar.

There is a big sign on the chargers saying the charging station is free to use. I thought that means that even though the station is located in part of the big car park, you don’t need to pay parking until you move off the station into a parking spot, if you want to.

I emailed the uni to clarify that and they confirmed it. They said while you’re charging its free, but after you finish charging, you need to move off the charging station and either leave the uni, or if you are staying, park in the car park and pay for parking.