Evie Charging for Electric Vehicles

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Evie chargers at Ampol at Seven Hills

Update 8-4-2022 – Evie chargers are now growing in number and I have found them easy to use and reliable. One of the Evie EV chargers I have recently used is the new Evie EV Charger at Lane Cove.

Evie EV Charger Lane Cove

13-10-2021 – Today was the first time I had used an Evie charger. The charger at Ampol Service station at Seven Hills was very easy to use. Just plug in and presented my RFID card and it started! I was just topping up, so my car only drew at 35kW/hr.
I have the Evie app too, just thought I’d try the RFID card, which linked straight through to my account and the app.

Evie RFID card