Northern Beaches Trip in my Electric Vehicle

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15-03-2023 trip

Today I noted the consumption of a trip to Sydney’s Northern Beaches and back, using 139Wh/km to drive the vehicle plus about 3% more used for air con and other ancillary consumption. The trip was 114km and in total used 23% of my battery. So that equates to 49.5 km per 10%, which would be equivalent real range of 495km for 100% of my Tesla 3LR’s battery.

29-10-2021 trip

It was a warm spring day in Sydney today, 35 degrees, so I drove from the NW suburbs to Northern Beaches and back, 113 km.

I was surprised that I only used 15 kWh at an average of 135Wh/km. That’s 7.5 km per kWh, much better range per kWhr than my cold weather Blue Mountains Trip earlier in the month.