Sydney to Melbourne 822kms by Electric Vehicle

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Summary – For this trip I travelled 822kms at 100-110km/hr on M2, M7, Hume Hwy and regional Vic roads, arriving at Yea having used 122kWh of electricity. I averaged a real range of between 480-500km for each 100% of battery used.

Day 1

My first long country trip started from home in the suburbs north of Sydney with 82% charge and headed to Goulburn 209kms south. I used 43% of charge, arriving with 39% and topped up for 35mins to 92% while having breakfast at the park cafe. 43% over 209kms equivalent to 486km for 100% of battery for this uphill trip from Sydney.

Goulburn Supercharger

The Long Track Pantry at Jugiong was my lunch spot, 20 mins for lunch and topped up while there, using the free NRMA charger, from 65% to 90%. Jugiong is a lovely village on the Murrumbidgee.

So far, I had travelled 355kms, using 70% of battery, equivalent to 510km per 100% of battery.

Headed on south to village of Woomargama via Holbrook. Holbrook has a lovely park with clean toilets and is a nice place for a stop. I had now travelled 512kms, using 102% of my battery, an average real range of about 500km for 100% of battery. The NRMA charger topped me up from 58% to 90% in 30 min.

Woomargama is just 13kms down the road from Holbrook and the Hotel Motel was ok for my stay overnight. (No ev charging facilities.)

Woomargama Hotel

Today I travelled at the speed limit or 10% below, depending on traffic and roads. I used traffic aware cruise control (TACC) and sometimes auto steer lane assist and had the ac on at my normal 19degrees. The outside temp was mild today, max 28 during my trip.

Day 2

I had my sentry running overnight while parked, which uses 5kW/h so I started my day with 81% which is about 400kms range. Plenty for my 240km trip to Yea via Beechworth, but I plan to enjoy spending time looking at places on the way, so I’ll take the opportunity to top up for 10 mins to 90% at Wodonga Supercharger as I pass by it on the Beechworth road.

Lovely park in Beechworth to catch up on some work, with tables, water, toilets and 5G !

Beechworth Park

Arrived at Yea, 100kms NE of Melbourne for lunch and the end of my log of this trip from Sydney. I arrived with 37% and plugged in at Yea Supercharger, for a full charge which will do me for the next few days travel around greater Melbourne.

For this trip I travelled 822kms on M2, M7, Hume Hwy and regional Vic roads at the speed limit or 10% under. I arrived at Yea with my trip screen showing I had used 122kWh of electricity at an average of 148Wh/km or 6.7km per kWh of charge. When other energy use for air-con, sentry, battery preconditioning etc is included, I averaged a real range of between 480-500km for each 100% of battery used.