Real Range Experience Tesla 3 LR Electric Vehicle

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It’s about 2 months that I have been driving my electric vehicle in Sydney Australia and have driven trips locally, around the blue mountains, central coast. I’ve also travelled to Melbourne via the Hume and from Melbourne to Sydney via Wagga, Cowra and Bathurst back over the mountains to Sydney.

Here is a summary of my real world range in my electric vehicle:

Overall 16-9-2021 to 12-11-2021

4,548kms  using 678kWh  of electricity at 149Wh/km or 6.7km/kWh which for a 75kWh battery is 502km range

Electricity consumption since new

Sample long trips

8-9 Nov 2021 Yea Wagga Young Cowra Bathurst Sydney 905kms, used 132kWh of electricity at an average 145 Wh/km. That’s an average 6.86 kms per kWh so for 75kWh = 514km

3-4 Nov 2021 Sydney Melbourne. For this trip I travelled 822kms on M2, M7, Hume Hwy and regional Vic roads, arriving at Yea having used 122kWh of electricity at an average of 6.74km per kWhr of charge and 148Wh/km. For my 75kWh battery = 506kms.

29 Oct 2021 Sydney NW suburbs to Northern Beaches and back, warm day and mostly slow driving 50-80km/hr, 113 km used 15 kWh at an average of 135Wh/km. That’s 7.5 km per kWh, so a full charge on my 75kWh battery, would give a range = 562kms.

11 Oct 2021 Sydney Blue Mountains Central Coast Sydney 417km used 62kWhr, that’s 6.7km per kWh average energy use rate 148Wh/km, 6.7km/kWh*75kWh = 502km

3 Oct 2021 First 18 days Suburban driving 867km used 128kWh which averages 6.8 kms per kWh = 510km range

Summary, the Model 3 LR is advertised with a WLTP range of 580km, my real world range is around 502-514kms. However, on a slow drive, on a warm spring day to the beach and back, it gave equivalent of 562kms