3 Months Tesla 3LR EV Real Range and Charging Update

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It’s been three months since I started driving an ev and have travelled 7,785 km of local regional and interstate driving.

Total electricity used 1,167 kWh at a rate of 150 Wh/km.

That’s a real world range of about 500kms on a fully charged 75kWh battery, but there is also energy used for air conditioning, battery conditioning and other ancillary use, which is not included in the 150Wh/km. So actual energy use may be a few % higher than just the 150Wh/km used to drive the car, making range a little less.

On average I travelled 598 kms week.

I used free public chargers a lot but if I had charged it all at home @ 25c kWh that 7,785 kms of travel would have cost $291.00, average $22 week.

If I charged it all the most expensive way, at a Tesla Supercharger 7,785 kms would have cost $595.17 average $45 week.