Tesla Model 3 LR Electric Vehicle Charging and Real Range After 10,000 kms

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Cobar from Fort Bourke Lookout

It’s been 4 months and I’ve travelled 10,256 kms, in my Tesla Model 3 LR, including long country travel in NSW and Vic. I have used 1,538 kWh at a rate of 150Wh/km.

Thats 15kWh per 100kms.

There is also energy used for air conditioning, battery conditioning and other ancillary use, which is not included in the 150Wh/km. So actual energy use may be a few % higher than just the 150Wh/km used to drive the car, making range a little less.

Knowing my range is helpful on country drives, where I might want to turn off and visit a lookout or park, as I know a 40-50km detour will use about 10% of my charge.

In the frunk I carry a Type 2 Mennekes 22kW cable, a standard Tesla UMC cable and 15 amp and 5pin adaptors so I can plug my Tesla in to any power point or charger anywhere.

Sometimes I travel to places a bit further than I first plan when I set out, but the minimum charge I have gone down to before recharging is 12%.

Tip, don’t believe the stickers

My Tesla Model 3 LR built Aug 2021 carried the government mandated energy consumption sticker.

The figures on it are misleading and it contains a disclaimer to that effect in fine print below the figures. I am puzzled by my sticker as it says at an average consumption of 138Wh/km the range is 657km. However, 138*657=90,666Wh or 90.7kWh. My battery is only 75kWh so you would have to recharge to travel the 657 km on the sticker.

I knew the range was nowhere near the 657kms, nor would it be the 580kms Tesla quoted on their own website using the WLTP standard.

My real world consumption is 150Wh/km which for my 75kW/hr battery is 500km. This is only 14% below the WLTP figure of 580km quoted by Tesla, on their website when I bought it, so that’s ok by me 🙂