8 months of driving and charging a Tesla 3LR EV in Australia

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Short detour into Gundabooka National Park

It’s now 8 months and I’ve travelled 15,689kms or about 460kms per week.

Charging – The car has been fine and I’ve had no trouble with range or charging, with a good choice of DC charging on country trips. When at home, because I park on the street, I go to local AC chargers to fill up once a week. It’s been great to just plug in and go and do some work or shop or go for a walk while the car fills up.

Servicing – In terms of servicing, I have rotated the tyres and had a wheel balance, just to maximise tyre life, but no other service needs. I did have a cracked windshield last month, from a truck throwing up gravel on a highway, but Tesla did a good job replacing that for me.

Range – In terms of real world range, my car has used an average 150Wh/km since new, to drive the car, which is 15kWh per 100kms or 500kms range from a full 75kWh battery. There is also ancillary power use, like air conditioning and battery conditioning which may be 3 or 4 % off that 500, so 480 is perhaps more real range if you allow for air con etc.

When I ordered the car, Tesla advertised the WLTP full range as 580km and the way I drive, I get 17% less than that, I get the equivalent of 500-480km real range on a full charge.