12 months and 25,000kms in an electric vehicle Tesla 3LR

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Hi, this month I’ll have been driving my Tesla 3LR electric vehicle for 1yr and travelled about 25,000 kms country and city driving in Australia.

Stats are:

Travelled 24,642 kms

Total energy used 3,695kWh

Average Energy consumption for driving* 150Wh/km or 15kWh/100km

Average Real Range on full charge for my Tesla 3LR 75kWhr battery is about 500kms

*Note there is also energy used for air conditioning, battery conditioning and other ancillary use, which is not included in the 150Wh/km. So actual energy use may be a few % higher than just the 150Wh/km used to drive the car, making range a little less.