Range update Tesla 3LR EV

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On 1 Nov 2022, I have now travelled just over 30,000 kms in my Tesla 3LR EV. It’s a 2021 3LR with 19 inch wheels and today I reached 30,089kms.

Today I travelled  Syd to Melbourne in the rain and cold at 110km/hr average which resulted in higher than average consumption of 168Wh/km. I assume driving through rain, my tyres need to constantly push through water, using more energy than normal on today’s wet trip.

My average consumption over the life of my Tesla 3LR EV has been only 151Wh/km driving consumption which is a mix of city and country.

That’s equivalent to 15.1 kWh/100km.

There is also energy used for air conditioning, battery conditioning and other ancillary use, which is not included in the 151Wh/km. So actual energy use may be a few % higher than just the 151Wh/km used to drive the car, making range a little less.