Sydney to South Coast by EV

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Moruya by the river

The temperature today was around 28 degrees Celsius as I drove 5 hours from north of Sydney, through the CBD, along Botany Bay and south down the M1 to Wollongong and down the coast to Moruya.

I stopped for one 15 minute break at Silos Estate near Berry and while there topped up a little with 14kWh (about 19%) at their Supercharger during my break.

I had left home with 99% and arrived at Moruya with 45%.

(If I hadn’t topped up during my break I would have arrived with about 26%.)

Overall I travelled 332 km using 50 kWh at 149 Wh/km.

149Wh/km is lower consumption than my lifetime average for my Tesla 3LR EV. My lifetime average consumption after 14 months and 31,735 kms is 151 Wh/km

I think the warmer weather and lower speeds on this route (max 100km/hr) gave me better consumption.

Today’s trip would result in an equivalent full range for my 75kWh battery of about 503km.