Real Range Update Tesla 3LR EV after 38,000 kms

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Entering Bourke Shire

Hi, by February 2023 I reached 38,000 kms in my electric vehicle since Sep 2021. 1 year and 5 months travelling across rural NSW and Victoria plus urban driving around greater Sydney.

My electric vehicle has averaged 150Wh/km, or 15kWh per 100km energy used for driving the car.

That’s a full range of about 500km for my 75kWh battery.

My average lifetime consumption to drive the car is 15kwh per 100km, but there is also energy used for air conditioning, battery conditioning and other ancillary use, which is not included in the 150Wh/km. So actual range varies with those too.

The range I get varies according to conditions. On a cold wet trip from the coast to the top of the Blue Mountains, at 1,043m above sea level my consumption (mostly on freeway and main roads) was 192Wh/km but coming back down was only 120Wh/km.

So that is a range in my EV of from 19.2 kWh per 100km down to 12.0kWh per 100km, depending on the grade.

On one trip along the northern beaches on a warm day, at 50-70 km/hr my consumption was only 13.5kWh per 100km.

I charge up to 50-90% when around home and up to 100% for long trips. Tesla provide advice on their website about how to charge daily and for trips on their website at