Sydney to Moruya

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This return trip gave my EV an average real range of about 500km. This coastal route has mostly roads of 80 or 100 km/hr speed limits, plus about 80kms of 110km/hr freeway at the Kiama to Waterfall end.

The trip

Today left Sydney’s northern suburbs at 7:30am with about 90% and headed south down the coast 320 km to Moruya. Forecast for Sydney was 35 degrees c and Moruya 28.

I arrived with about 26% and my EV’s energy screen said I had used 63.4% of my battery. The screen gave the breakdown of energy use as composed of
55.1% driving
4.6% air conditioning
0.5% elevation
3.0% everything else

So, for this trip today, my average real range in my EV, (which includes driving, ac, elevation and other battery use) was 50.5km per 10% of battery used. That’s a full battery equivalent of 505km real range.

It was great to be able to top up again on arrival and during my visit at the Moruya Golf Club and the Adelaide Hotel by the river at Moruya.

The return trip next day I recorded from Batemans Bay to northern Sydney, 289km using 58.1% of my battery, composed of:
50.6% driving
3.2% air conditioning
1.6% elevation
2.7% everything else

So 289/58 is equivalent to 497km real full range for 100% of my EV battery,