Sydney Batemans Bay Moruya Winter Trip by EV

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Moruya by the river

Today’s long distance trip by EV was 647km using 141% of my EV battery. My EV real range was 459km per 100% of battery.

Left Sydney in 11 degrees C with 100% and headed to Moruya. My EV said I’d arrive with 35% but the fast chargers at Batemans Bay were free when I reached Batemans so I took the opportunity to top my EV up there, from 38% to 80%. I had travelled 289km, at 90-110km/hr in cold weather 11-14degrees using 62% of my EV’s battery, so that’s a range for my EV equivalent to 466km per 100% of battery. For this trip today I have used Chill acceleration mode, rather than Standard acceleration mode.

24km after Batemans Bay, I finished my trip with 74% at Moruya. Total distance 313km having used 68% of my battery, so that’s a range in my EV equivalent to about 460km per 100% of battery for the trip this winter morning.

After my work, the return trip was also in Chill Acceleration mode in my EV, leaving from Batemans Bay to Sydney via Picton Rd and M5 M7 M2 travelling at 90-110km/hr and included preconditioning my EV for a top up at a DC charger near home. My EV used 73% battery over 334km or an equivalent of 458km for 100% of my EV battery.