EV trip Sydney to Ulladulla return in Winter

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Looking north from Ulladulla lighthouse

On this August winter trip of 502km in a Tesla 3LR EV the real range equivalent was 469km per 100% of battery.

Left Sydney with 89% and travelled to Figtree Supercharger for breakfast and top up then on to Ulladulla. The trip in my EV used a total of 52% over 252km, or a real world range of 485km per 100% of battery.

Return trip left Ulladulla with 56% using 33% for 144km to Figtree arriving with 23%. Topped up at Figtree to 50% in 10 mins and drove remaining 106km to Sydney arriving with 28%. Total was 55% battery used over 250km.

Real range for return trip was therefore 455km per 100% of battery.

Notes: Real range is the actual odometer reading distance travelled divided by the actual change in battery %, so it includes all power used, which is the energy used for driving plus ancillary energy used for air con, battery heating and preconditioning etc.

Speed limits on the route were 110km/hr to 70km/hr and temperature 17-18 degrees on way to Ulladulla and 16 to 12 degrees on return trip. My EV Tesla 3LR was in Standard Acceleration mode for this trip.