Type 2 Mennekes Charging Cable 22kw

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Update 12-11-2021 – At home I park on the street mostly, so after two months of driving, I have found I use this cable all the time. It makes it so easy to charge while you are out having a meal or going for a walk or shopping or working remotely at a library, university or park etc.

Places I have used this cable include the free Exploren chargers at Pennant Hills and Ryde (Giffnock Ave), the free EO chargers at Dee Why and Lane Cove (Little Street Car Park), the free Chargers at Macquarie Uni and the Chargefox chargers at St Ives and Dural. I find it really handy as it means that if Tesla destination chargers are all in use and they have type 2 chargers as well, you can use those. It was a good purchase.

17-08-2021 I ordered a Type 2 cable online to use at non Tesla chargers. I ordered mine from https://EVolutionAustralia.com.au and it arrived safely. ┬áThere are different strengths of cable, 7kw or 22 kw so I bought the 22 kw. Its a Type 2 to Type 2 Mennekes Charging Cable 22kw 5m. They are expensive, but that’s because they have thick copper inside them and ruggedly insulated and built to last.