EV Charging Apps for EVs in Australia

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EV Charging Apps Australia
EV Charging Apps Australia

Best EV charging apps in Australia vary by state. 

I use 6 apps regularly, they are PulgShare, Tesla, Chargefox, Evie, Jolt and Exploren.

Below I’ve listed all EV charging networks in Australia I know of with links to the Apple App Store and android Google Play Store below.

PlugShare – The App to Locate All Chargers
PlugShare has an app on Apple or Android with locations of all kinds of EV charging network chargers  and their details https://www.plugshare.com/ PlugShare is owned by EVGo Inc, one of the USA’s largest EV charging companies https://investors.evgo.com/overview/default.aspx

EV Charger Providers

  1. AGL have an app ( Apple or Android) to show and access AGL’s proposed electric vehicle charging network (only a very few chargers shown as at April 2023) https://next.agl.com.au/ev-subscription
  2. AmpCharge EV charging app, (Apple or Android ) for charging at the Ampol Ampcharge EV network DC chargers https://ampcharge.ampol.com.au
  3. BP Pulse app (Apple or Android) for charging at BP EV chargers https://www.bp.com/en_au/australia/home/products-services/bppulse/
  4. Chargebay Pty Ltd app (Apple or Android) for their EV chargers. They have locations such as Euston and several of their Chargebay branded chargers in Melbourne https://chargebay.com.au
  5. Chargefox app (Apple or Android) for location and access to the  Chargefox EV charging network https://www.chargefox.com/ Chargefox also provide an RFID card
  6. ChargeNGo Australia app (Apple or Android) have their own branded EV charger network and their app shows some other networks’ chargers  too https://chargengo.co
  7. Charge Hub have an app showing their network (Apple or Android) and offer a free RFID card https://www.chargehub.solutions/
  8. Elanga app (Apple or Android) for Elanga EV charging network https://elanga.com.au and Elanga also provide an RFID card .
  9. Electrona EV chargers, first installed at Bicheno Tasmania, allow you to pay by credit card. A description of how their Bicheno charger works is at https://electrona.au/evc/bchno/bchno-001.html and their corporate site is at https://electrona.com.au/ You may also use the Nexcharge app (below) if you prefer.
  10. EO app for EV charging using the EO charger network https://www.eocharging.com/home-charging on Apple or Android
  11. Evansa EV charging network app on Apple or Android and their website is https://www.evansa.earth/
  12. Everty Driver app, Apple or Android, an app showing public and private electric vehicle chargers for use. https://everty.com.au Everty also provide an RFID card. Everty have the ability to book a charger in their app.
  13. Evie app (Apple or Android) for location and access to Evie electric vehicle charging network https://goevie.com.au/ Evie also provide an RFID card
  14. EVUp have a network in Australia and have an app called UpCharge (Apple or Android) for their electric vehicle Chargers https://www.evup.com.au
  15. EVX Australia app for EVX EV chargers in Apple or Android   EVX also allow you to register your own RFID card in their app by visiting a charger and linking it. https://evx.tech/
  16. Exploren app (Apple or Android) for location and access to Exploren electric vehicle charging network https://exploren.com.au/ You can also register any RFID card with Exploren by visiting a charger with the app and a RFID card. Exploren allow you to reserve a charger using their app.
  17. Get Electric app (Apple or Android) for location and access to Get Electric electric vehicle charging network https://www.getelectric.com.au
  18. Jolt app,  (Apple or Android) for location and access to Jolt EV charging network https://jolt.com.au/  Jolt allow you to reserve a charger using their app.
  19. Kingman EVC app (Apple and Android) for Kingman EVC charging network which has launched in 2023 with chargers in Perth WA https://www.kingman.com.au/evc/
  20. Linga Networks is a provider of electric vehicle charging in regional areas of Australia and their website says they plan to have an app https://linga.network/aussie-startup-launches-electric-car-charging-stations/ 
  21. Nextcharge have their own branded chargers, list chargers using the Saascharge platform, plus list some other EV charging providers. For example Charge Star stations and Electrona stations. Their website says they will issue you a free RFID card after you start using their network. (Apple or Androidhttps://nextcharge.app/?lang=en
  22. NRMA app . Click on the fuel bowser symbol in the app (Apple or Android) and filter for location of NRMA EV charging network https://www.mynrma.com.au/cars-and-driving/electric-vehicles/charging-network NRMA Road Service also have a Mobile EV Charging Service, currently with mobile charging vehicles serving Sydney and Canberra areas, for EV’s that are so low on charge that they need a top up charge to get them to the local charger https://www.mynrma.com.au/cars-and-driving/electric-vehicles/our-mission/mobile-ev-chargers
  23. Smart Charge app for location and access to Smart Charge EV charging network, Apple or Android. Smart Charge https://smart-charge.com.au/ also provide an RFID card
  24. SolarHub Charge EV charging network app ( Apple or Android) and their website is
  25. Tesla EV charging network app for Apple and Android https://www.tesla.com/en_au/findus?

Other Apps

  • Tesla Owners Club of Australia Use the Member Jungle app which has some tips about EV charging and other info https://www.teslaowners.org.au/
  • ABRP A Better Routeplanner app, in Apple or Android. I don’t use this, but it may help those people who like to plan their long trips
  • Open Charge Map app, this app appears to be an open source aggregator app looking to list multiple EV charging providers, but they don’t seem to be fully populated and launched yet https://openchargemap.org/site

Other EV Networking Apps
There are apps which seem to focus on listing other networks’ chargers.

Other Networks
Charge Star
Charge Star on its website says it was founded in December 2009 as E-Station, and that Charge Star is Australia’s oldest charging station supplier. Their site says you can use their chargers by credit card or third party apps https://www.chargestar.com.au/about-us/ I note the Nextcharge app, listed above, includes Charge Star stations.
Due to ChargePoint’s withdrawal from Australia in 2021, ChargePoint chargers here no longer work through the app, you may need their RFID card or another RFID card to release the plug https://www.chargepoint.com/drivers/activate The apps are still on the app stores (Apple or Android).
Sasscharge International GmbH
Sasscharge is a white label ev charging services platform that allows anyone to establish an ev charging network. Several EV charging brands above use a back end of Saascharge platform/data and Saascharge developed apps https://saascharge.com/company/ A number of networks listed above show stations listed on Saascharge.

RFID Cards
Some of these companies offer RFID cards which are great, as you can keep them in your car and use them to activate the charger without your phone.

Type 2 Cable
For many of the AC chargers, you will need to take your own Type 2 22kW cable, available from Tesla or most ev charging suppliers.

Reserve or Book an EV Charger
Some EV charging networks allow you to reserve a charger using their app. Currently I notice Exploren and Jolt offering a “Reserve” feature in their apps and Everty offer a “Book” feature in their app