I’m just keeping this blog as its any easy way for me to record this whole new experience of EV driving, for family and friends.

This blog doesn’t provide advice, its just a recount of what I’ve done.

After 40 years of only driving petrol or diesel vehicles, I had lots of questions about electric vehicles.  

As of May 2023, I have been driving my electric vehicle for over 20 months now, and covered 44,086 kms in rural, regional and city driving in NSW and Vic, so I now have answers for many of my questions.

I like keeping up with new technologies and I like that there is always lots to experience and learn!

Electric Vehicle questions I had before I owned one included:

  • What is the real world range for an electric vehicle in Australia?
  • How is country driving in an electric vehicle?
  • Can you drive an EV over the Blue Mountains & return on one charge?
  • Freeway driving in Australia in electric vehicles?
  • How long to stop and charge an EV?
  • Location of EV chargers in country areas in Australia?
  • Are there enough electric vehicle chargers outside of Sydney and Melbourne?
  • How do I charge my electric vehicle if I park on the street?
  • Which public EV chargers can I use?
  • How do I use a public EV charger?
  • What about a spare tyre?
  • How does EV range change in hot summers or cold winters?
  • How easy are EVs to drive?

They’re all answered now 🙂