I’m just keeping this blog as its any easy way for me to record this whole new experience of ev driving.

This blog doesn’t provide advice, its just a recount of what I’ve done.

I had lots of questions about electric vehicles and in this blog I now have answers for many of them.

Still lots for me to experience and learn!

Electric Vehicle Questions I had before I owned one included:

  • What is the real world range for an electric vehicle in Australia,
  • How is country driving in an electric vehicle,
  • Can you drive an ev over the blue mountains,
  • Freeway driving in Australia in electric vehicles,
  • How long to stop and charge an ev,
  • Location of ev chargers in country areas in Australia,
  • Are there enough electric vehicle chargers outside of Sydney and Melbourne,
  • How do I charge my electric vehicle if I park on the street,
  • Which public chargers can I use,
  • What about a spare tyre,
  • How easy are EVs to drive.

They’re all answered now 🙂