Charging apps for EVs

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I have registered with a number of ev charging apps to use with my ev.

They include:

  • Plugshare – all kinds of chargers and their locations
  • Tesla app for my Tesla
  • NRMA app . Click on the fuel bowser symbol in the app and filter for location of NRMA ev charging network
  • Chargefox app for location and access to Chargefox ev charging network
  • Evie app for location and access to Evie ev charging network
  • Exploren app for location and access to Exploren ev charging network
  • ChargePoint app for location and access to ChargePoint ev charging network. Apparently, due to ChargePoint’s withdrawal from Australia recently, ChargePoint chargers in Australia no longer work through the app, you need the rfid card to release the plug.
  • Member Jungle app for Tesla Owners Club of Australia. Has some good tips about charging and other info.
  • Jolt app for location and access to Jolt ev charging network
  • EO app for charging using EO chargers which are now appearing in Australia
  • Smart Charge app for location and access to Smart Charge ev charging network
  • Get Electric app for location and access to Get Electric ev charging network
  • Everty app, an app showing private chargers for use.
  • AGL app, an app to show and access AGL chargers
  • Linga Networks is a provider of AC and DC charging in regional areas of Australia and their website says they plan to have an app shortly
  • EVUp have a large network in Australia and say you don’t need an app yet.
  • Monta is an overseas network that is now appearing in Australia

Some of the above companies are just starting out in Australia, so may only have a presence in one state at present, but they are all rapidly adding new chargers.