Charging Apps for EVs in Australia

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Best EV charging apps in Australia vary by state. There are now 23 EV charging providers operating public DC or AC EV chargers in Australia that I know of, plus a number of other EV apps to use with my electric vehicle. Some of these EV chargers may also be used with an RFID card, great if you or the charger doesn’t have mobile connectivity. I’ve listed them below too.

They include:
App to Locate All Chargers
Plugshare App – locations of all kinds of EV charging network chargers  and their details.

EV Charging Networks

  1. AGL app, an app to show and access AGL electric vehicle chargers
  2. AmpCharge for charging at the Ampol Ampcharge EV network DC chargers.
  3. BP Pulse app for charging at BP EV chargers
  4. Chargebay Pty Ltd app for their EV chargers
  5. Chargefox app for location and access to Chargefox EV charging network. Chargefox also provide an RFID card
  6. ChargeNGo Australia app for their EV charger location
  7. ChargePoint app for location of ChargePoint ev charging network. Due to ChargePoint’s withdrawal from Australia in 2021, ChargePoint chargers here no longer work through the app, you may need their RFID card or another RFID card to release the plug.
  8. Elanga app for Elanga EV charging network and Elanga also provide an RFID card .
  9. EO app for EV charging using EO chargers which are now appearing in Australia
  10. Everty app, an app showing public and private electric vehicle chargers for use. Everty also provide an RFID card
  11. Evie app for location and access to Evie electric vehicle charging network and Evie also provide an RFID card .
  12. EVUp have a large network in Australia and have an app for their electric vehicle chargers
  13. EVX Australia app for EVX EV chargers
  14. Exploren app for location and access to Exploren electric vehicle charging network. You can also register any RFID card with Exploren by visiting a charger with the app and a RFID card.
  15. Get Electric app for location and access to Get Electric electric vehicle charging network
  16. Jolt app for location and access to Jolt EV charging network
  17. Linga Networks is a provider of AC and DC electric vehicle charging in regional areas of Australia and their website says they plan to have an app shortly
  18. Origin 360 EV Charge app from Origin Energy for public EV chargers linked to Origin’s network
  19. Monta is an overseas network that is now appearing in Australia. Monta also provide an RFID card
  20. NRMA app . Click on the fuel bowser symbol in the app and filter for location of NRMA EV charging network
  21. Smart Charge app for location and access to Smart Charge EV charging network. Smart Charge also provide an RFID card
  22. Tesla EV charging network
  23. Virta app for access to the Virta EV charging network. A UK and European company which has now entered Australia with links to some chargers in Qld. They charge a monthly fee whether you use them or not, so I won’t be registering with them unless they are a last resort.

Other Apps

Some of these companies offer RFID cards which are great, as you can keep them in your car and use them to activate the charger without your phone.

For many of the AC chargers, you will need to take your own Type 2 22kW cable, available from Tesla or most ev charging suppliers.