EV Electricity Costs

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NRMA EV Charger Cobar

One of the questions other people ask me frequently is how much does the electricity for an EV cost per 100km?

There is a different answer for ev electricity costs for each person as it varies greatly depending on where you drive and where you charge.

My Tesla 3 LR EV uses 15kWh each 100km, so here are examples of electricity cost, as at June 2024.


Sample AC/DC Rates at Jun 24 c/kWh $ per 100km (15kWh)
Solar/ToU AC 0-15c $0.00-$2.25
Res.GeneralRate 27c-38c $4.05-$5.70
AC free dest charge* 0c $0.00
AC paid dest charge 15c-85c $2.25-$12.75
AmpCharge DC 69c $10.35
BP Pulse DC 55c-65c $8.25-$9.75
Chargebay DC 55c $8.25
Chargefox DC 30c-92c $4.50-$13.80
Elanga DC 65c $9.75
Elu DC 67c-70c $10.05-$10.50
Everty DC 30c-60c $4.50-$9.00
Evie DC 50c-73c $7.50-$10.95
Jolt DC** 0c-49c $3.92-$7.35
NRMA DC 54c-65c $8.10-$9.75
Tesla DC 31c-74c $4.65-$11.10
Wevolt DC 25c-64c $3.75-$9.60

*Many destination chargers are free. **Jolt first 7kWh free.
Above is sample only, see full list of charge networks.


Fast charging costs
I was asked what the cost of providing a fast DC charger like a Tesla Supercharger is and I don’t know. I’m not sure what proportion of costs electricity is for a Supercharger. I don’t know how much Superchargers cost to build, install, connect, maintain and operate and what the standing demand charges are, but I expect the price of electricity is a minor input to their costs. The Tesla Superchargers near me are in leased space in a shopping centre car park. The centre is owned by AMP Capital and I expect the monthly lease of that space would be very high and not related to energy prices either.