Townsville from Sydney by EV

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Sydney to Townsville by EV

4,849km, Sydney to Townsville via Brisbane then return via Kingaroy and New England Highway by EV.

Average conditions were 100-110km/hr and roads were wet on some days. AC was on 20 the whole trip in temps from mid teens in Sydney to 30 in Townsville. Real range for the trip in my 2021 Tesla 3LR varied with conditions from 37.5km to 60.6km per 10% of battery used, with the overall average 437km per 100% of battery used. I paid $356.35 in electricity. The average cost was $7.35/100km.

My stops for food, breaks or accommodation where I also charged my EV, were:
North via Brisbane 
Tuggerah Supercharger,
Thrumster Supercharger,
Maclean AC at motel,
Byron Bay AC at shops,
Birtinya AC at motel,
Gympie Supercharger,
Gin Gin Chargefox DC,
Calliope Supercharger,
Rockhampton Supercharger,
Marlborough Chargefox DC,
Carmila Chargefox DC,
Airlie Beach AC at accommodation,
Bowen Supercharger and
Townsville Evie.

South via Kingaroy and Tamworth
Townsville Evie,
Bowen Supercharger,
Mackay Chargefox DC,
Carmila Chargefox DC,
Rockhampton Supercharger,
Calliope Supercharger,
Bundaberg AC at motel,
Kingaroy Chargefox DC,
Toowoomba Supercharger,
Warwick UQ/SDRC DC,
Tenterfield Supercharger,
Tamworth NRMA,
Jerry’s Plains Supercharger.