Yea Cowra Bathurst Sydney 905kms in Electric Vehicle

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Yea Supercharger, in carpark behind FoodWorks Supermarket Carpark

Starting my country trip back to Sydney with a top up to 94% at Yea Supercharger and Marmalades cafe. Next stop 219 kms at Barnawartha North Chargefox, where Navigation says I’ll arrive with 44%. Then top up and head north via Henty to Young.

Arrived Barnawartha North Truck Stop at 47% at the RACV Chargefox ultra rapid chargers. I had used 47% of my battery over 219km or 47km per 10% of battery used.

I started charging at 88kWhr and stayed for about 30 mins. Good clean toilets, cafe, shady park bench at this BP truck stop.

RACV Chargefox 2 ultra rapid and 2 fast chargers Barnawartha North

Headed to Wagga Wagga and arrived at Wagga Wagga NRMA fast charger at 57% and plugged in for a top up to 80% which was 25 mins at 42kWh.

NRMS Wagga Wagga fast charger

Arrived at Young at 50%. After dinner went up the road from my motel to NRMA fast charger. Topped up ready for day 2 drive to Sydney via Cowra and Bathurst.

Day 2

Nice drive from Young to Cowra and topped up for 10 mins at the NRMA charger behind the art gallery next to Cowra Council civic centre.

Good drive through nice country to Bathurst and topped up while having a break at the Bathurst information centre. They have a large bank of superchargers plus NRMA fast charger. Have now travelled 704kms since Yea and my car trip screen says I have used 109kWh at an average consumption of 154Wh/km or about 6.4kms per kWh.

Bathurst charging stations

The information centre is a nice place to stop with large park, shady trees, nice coffee shop and clean toilets.

Bathurst Information Centre

Next stop is home in northern Sydney. I am heading off with 90% charge and my car’s navigator says I’ll arrive after 186kms with 55% charge left when I get home and I arrived home with 56% charge left. Thats 34% over 186km or 55km per 10% of battery used, for this downhill leg from Bathurst to Sydney.

Summary – Trip was 905kms, used 132kWh of electricity at an average 145 Wh/km. My real range, including air-con, sentry, preconditioning etc averaged 470-550km per 100% of battery used

Driving conditions were on main roads at 80, 100 or 110 km/hr or 10% below depending on road conditions, outside temp in low/mid 20s, ac and cruise control on and sentry on overnight and when parked.