Tumut to Batlow to Wodonga by Electric Vehicle

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I left Tumut with a bit less than 60% charge, travelling in my electric vehicle through the mountains to Batlow for breakfast.

I left Batlow for Wodonga 170km away with 47% charge in my electric vehicle and my Tesla navigation said I’d arrive with 17%. I drove 10% below the limit through the plateau and down via Rosewood to the Hume, but then sat at 110 on the freeway to Wodonga.

Rosewood Gnome Garden

My electric vehicle started heating its battery for supercharging and I arrived at Wodonga with 11%. I could have turned into Holbrook and used the NRMA electric vehicle fast charger at Holbrook but I had confidence I’d make Wodonga with at least 10% spare, (which is about 50km in my car).

5 of the 6 superchargers were empty so I just plugged my Tesla electric vehicle in and went into the library next door for a break. My EV started charging at 124kWh and it estimated 45min to 90% full.

Tesla Superchargers Wodonga