Narooma Cooma Mount Kosciuszko Tumut by Tesla Electric Vehicle

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This trip is travelling in a Tesla electric vehicle from the coast into the snowy mountains, the highest mountains in Australia, some sight seeing and then across to the western side of the range at Tumut. The route rises from sea level, to 900 m at Cooma, 1,837 m at Charlotte Pass or 1,720m at Perisher and back down to 305 m at Tumut.

I travelled in my Tesla electric vehicle 632 km using 100kWh at 158Wh/km or 15.8kWh per 100km. That’s a real full range for my EV’s 75kWh battery of 474kms when driving in these cold conditions, across the snowy mountains in my electric vehicle.

Day 1
Left Narooma with 90% charge heading to Cooma.

Travelling along the coast then inland through Cobargo and on to Bemboka. From the Bemboka valley, the climb up 1,000m in my Tesla electric vehicle to the top of Brown Mountain onto the great dividing range was a steep windy road through tall forest, 11oC and with great views from Piper’s lookout at the top.

Travelled the rest of the 60kms across the plateau to Cooma, 800m elevation, arriving with about 40% and had the choice of the Chargefox EV chargers at the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre or the Tesla electric vehicle Superchargers. Decided to visit the Discovery Centre for a break and to have a look and my EV topped up at the 50kW Chargefox NRMA chargers to 90% during the 40 minutes I was there. There are faster 350kW chargers there too, slightly dearer, but I wasn’t in a hurry. The Chargefox EV App didn’t unlock the charger, but I had my Chargefox RFID, which started the charger for me.

Day 2

Day Trip to Jindabyne, then Perisher at 1,720m near Mount Kosciuszko in my Tesla electric vehicle, then back to Cooma via Dalgety.

It is 0oC to 12oC in Cooma today with -2oC to 2oC and snow forecast higher up the range in Perisher.

I left Cooma with 93% and travelled to Jindabyne, 915m elevation, where I topped up again at the NRMA chargers to 90%.

The drive to Perisher was then all uphill by electric vehicle, rising 805m along the 33km road up the mountain using 15%, arriving at Perisher Valley, 1,720m elevation, with 75%. It was cold 0oC windy and snowing on my electric vehicle and snow cover over all roads and car parks. My Tesla electric vehicle handled the wet snowy roads well and it was really comfortable.

I later descended the 805m back down the 33km to Jindabyne, where I arrived with 72% due to regeneration in my electric vehicle, on way back down the mountain giving me back some energy. 

Topped up again at Jindabyne NRMA chargers to about 85% and headed off to Cooma via Dalgety. Arrived with 65% and plugged in to a standard power point at my accommodation to charge my EV overnight.

Day 3 Cooma to Tumut via Yarrangobilly Caves

It was -2oC overnight in Cooma and forecast is -1oC to 6oC as I travel over the range near Mt Selwyn and a bit warmer 2oC to 16oC at Tumut.

Left Cooma in my Tesla electric vehicle with 90% heading across the range, stopping at Yarrangobilly Caves for a break and walk around the park. I didn’t need to charge, but I tried the EV charge point at the visitor centre and it worked fine. It’s 2kWh, handy back up if you need it, or if you’re there for a few hours, for a picnic or caves tour.


Arrived at Tumut with 53% and pulled into Tumut River Brewing at 2pm for lunch, topping up to about 63% at their 11kWh Tesla EV destination charger while I was having lunch.

Tumut town centre

I travelled 632 km in my Tesla electric vehicle using 100kWh at 158Wh/km or 15.8kWh per 100km. That’s a real full range for my 75kWh battery of 474kms when driving in these cold conditions, across the snowy mountains, in my electric vehicle.