AC Destination Charging for EVs

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Linga EV Charger at Nhill
  • Update – After 2yr 9 months of driving an EV, here are some of the EV destination chargers I have used locally and on long trips.

Type 2 Cable
I carry and use a Type 2 cable at non Tesla chargers. There are different strengths of cable, 7kw or 22 kw. For Tesla you need the 22 kw. They are expensive, but that’s because they have thick copper inside them and ruggedly insulated and built to last. More info on my Type 2 Cable post here.

Day 2 of my new Tesla and I did a trip, within my LGA, to go for exercise and because we have a large LGA that was about 100km round trip.

Became allot more used to the car and topped up 14% for free while having a coffee and walk at Cherrybrook Village Tesla destination charger.