Sydney to Narooma by Electric Vehicle

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Moruya by the river

Day 1 Sydney to Moruya

I chose to travel from northern Sydney via Goulburn and then east through Braidwood to Batemans Bay and then down the coast to Moruya.

Left Sydney with 82% charge and arrived at Goulburn with 33% charge, stopping at the park in Goulburn for a coffee break at Cafe 5911 by the park. While having my coffee my car topped up for 35mins from 37% to 90% at the Tesla supercharger.

The trip was easy going sitting on the speed limits, with light rain and temps of about 17c.

Left Goulburn with 90% on the next leg of my trip, heading to Batemans Bay via Braidwood. Arrived Batemans Bay Soldiers Club with 58% and plugged in to their Tesla destination charger while I had a break. The club is just next to the bay, great place to stop for a break.

I topped up to 80% while having a break at Batemans bay and then headed off for the last short trip to Moruya. After looking at a couple of places around Moruya, I arrived at my motel after 36km with 72%.

I also checked out the Tesla destination chargers at the Moruya Golf Club, which are easily accessible and run at 11kW which is great to know.

Day 2 Moruya to Narooma

Had meetings in Moruya today. I thought I’d also check out the destination chargers at The Seabird at Moruya airport. They are easy to access and use. They are also 11kWh chargers, but need your own Type 2 cable and the EO App on your phone. 

In the afternoon I headed down to Narooma for the night. Will top up tomorrow morning at the Narooma Tesla Supercharger.

For this trip I have travelled 496 km using 74kWh at 149 Wh/km.