DC Charging for EVs

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NRMA EV Charger Cobar

Over the past 3 yrs, I’ve used lots of DC chargers across NSW, Vic and Qld. Here are some photos of EV DC chargers of the different DC EV charging networks. Most have apps and some have RFID cards, a list of all the apps and cards is in the EV Charging Apps post on this blog.

The Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive can charge at a maximum power of 170 kW, the Long Range at a maximum power of 250 kW.

The fastest charging rate I recall, peaked at 196kW at Holbrook NSW, taking me from 16% to 80% in 25 min. That 80% gives me ~368km range at 110km/hr. If I fill to 100%, my car gets ~460km range at 110km/hr.