Gen2 Mobile Connector Adaptor (Model3, ModelS/X ‘Raven’) – 32A 5 pin

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Update 12-11-2021 I have used this adaptor once, at the Little St Car Park in Lane Cove. There were Type 2 chargers too, but I wanted to try this 5 pin adaptor out. It worked well and will be handy for rural travel id I’m stopping at showgrounds or caravan/camping areas.

Trying the 32A 5 pin plug at a car park in Lane Cove

17-08-2021 If travelling off the main roads in regional and rural areas, there are cafes, motels and holiday parks and showgrounds where you can stop and they may have a 32 Amp 5 pin socket available for you to use. That will give faster charge than a normal power point, so I bought the adaptor plug, in case I need it. Just remember to ask if you can use their plug first and offer to pay for the power. I bought mine online from and it arrived safely. ┬áIt was called Gen2 Mobile Connector Adaptor (Model3, ModelS/X ‘Raven’) – 32A 5 pin.

Here is a video that shows how to use it